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January 26, 2010

Episode #11 – Job Stories Part 2

Filed under: Podcast — Robert @ 8:52 am

We continue our job stories and introduce the new Hidden Movie Quote Game. Plus 20 Random Rants this week!



January 19, 2010

Episode #10 – Job Stories Part 1

Filed under: Podcast — Robert @ 10:05 am

We’re havin’ puppies talkin’ about jobs. “I’m a blood maniac!”, new bumpers and a sandwich update!

Thanks to James Kennison at NLCast for the voiceovers.
Visit the Jen and Dave Show at

Riddle me this:
Someone makes it, then they sell it.
Someone buys it, but they don’t use it.
Someone uses it, but they don’t know it.
What is it?

Leave your guesses as comments.



January 11, 2010

Episode #9 – In 3D

Filed under: Podcast — Robert @ 10:30 pm

More sandwich talk? You bet! Chelsea’s real reason for podcasting is revealed. We also discuss Avitar 3D among other things.



January 5, 2010

Episode #8 – He Paid it All

Filed under: Podcast — Robert @ 9:18 am

Recursing with Kij and Aetherwsift, “you like dolphins, right,” the Pick the Lyric Game, and my rant on children’s toys.



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