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April 17, 2011

Episode #51 – Reading is FUNdemental

This week talk books: our favorites and what’s on our list to read
Taxes, LEGO SWIII update, stalker, Utah trip, and a lovely bunch of coconuts
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SNL As Seen On TV commercial spoof

Favorite Books:
Thr3e – Ted Dekker
Sisterchicks in Gondolas, Sisterchicks do the Hula – Robin Jones Gunn
Prey – Michael Crichton
Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy – CS Lewis
Wild Fire – Nelson DeMille
Deception Point – Dan Brown

Wish List Books:
The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown
Death On the Nile – Agatha Christe
The Lion – Nelson DeMille
Ashley Judd – Autobiogrophy
The Bride Collector, Emmanuel’s Veins, Burn, Priest’s Graveyard – Ted Dekker
Severe Mercy – CS Lewis
FetchScott Roche
Freedom – Daniel Suarez
The Atrocity Archives – Charles Stross



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